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For the purposes of securing an easier, faster, simpler, and a more rational manner of exercising the rights, duties and interests of citizens and other parties, as well as for the purposes of relieving inspection services of the parties, the District provides its services through the e-Government Portal or through the district registry office.

Here you can download the Table with the list of services.

At the registry office one can be provided with the following services:

  • An immediate reception of applications from the parties and their submission to regional units to be resolved. Deadline: the first following working day.
  • Providing parties with information regarding the scope of activities of certain bodies, the manner of preparation and submission of applications (taxes, contributions, etc). Deadline: forthwith.
  • Notifying parties, at their own requests, about the status of their cases by pending applications and other submissions. Deadline: forthwith or the first following working day.
  • Providing citizens with other notifications which should facilitate the resolution of issues with the State Administration bodies. Deadline: forthwith or the first following working day.
  • Receiving requests for an access to the information of public importance. The District Chief has authorised Gordana Đurić to deal with the requests for an access to the information of public importance, in accordance with the provisions of Article 38, Section 1 of the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, N° 120/04, 54/07, 104/09, 36/10). Here you can download example forms and a schematic representation of the application procedure.

The Administrative and Professional Service, especially the registry office, is at the service of all citizens and other interested natural and legal entities during business hours, from 07.00 to 14.30.

  • At the District registry office an interested party shall receive full information regarding the manner of submitting applications, requests, petitions and other sorts of motions, as well as information regarding fees in the cases when these are paid, in accordance with the Law on Republic Administrative Fees and other applicable tariffs. Upon registration, received applications are forwarded to authorised inspection services, to be processed and resolved.
  • Decisions reached by inspectors are necessarily followed by an instruction on legal remedy, as well as by the name of the body and a description of how to file an appeal against the decision or conclusion. Dissatisfied parties lodge their appeal with the second instance body, i.e. with the minister of the ministry in charge whose regional units are a part of the District.
  • In the course of a year parties file a large number of requests by means of which they require an action by inspection services. In most cases, inspection services act ex officio or on the orders of the ministries to which they belong as district regional units. The submissions which are sent to the district chief are frequently merely informative, i.e. the chief is informed about certain occurrences, irregularities or omissions to which he/she reacts by contacting adequate services or by requiring the resolution of certain individual issues. Parties are regularly informed about actions taken.
  • Every submitted request is duly recorded and classified on the basis of a uniform classification of cases, according to the rules of substance and office management.
  • On request, parties are issued duplicates, i.e. copies of decisions, minutes or other acts passed by the district regional units, or other material which has emerged as a result of activities of the Administrative and Professional Service of the District.
  • The Administrative and Professional Service of the District are submitted with requests for determining minimum technical requirements for performing certain activities. These requests are distributed to certain inspections responsible for their resolution. Such requests are to be submitted in standard forms which can be obtained at the registry office or sent via fax or e-mail, on personal request of the party. On that occasion, the party is informed about the manner of resolving the issue, the amount of the compensation to be paid, the purpose of payment, the receiver and the bank account, as well as about contact information.


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