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Facilities which are subject to sanitary surveillance in terms of Article 7, Section 1 of the Law on Sanitary Surveillance are those facilities in which the following activities are performed:

1) Health services;

2) Production of and trade in provisions and items of general use;

3) Public supply of drinking water;

4) Catering and hospitality services;

5) Hygiene maintenance services, face and body care and beautification, non-medical aesthetic interventions which violate skin integrity;

6) Social protection;

7) Educational activity;

8) Culture, physical activity, sports and recreation;

9) Public transport and

10) Other facilities included by the law.

When performing sanitary surveillance over facilities which are subject to sanitary surveillance in the process of construction or reconstruction of those facilities a sanitary inspector ascertains whether the conceptual design is in compliance with the urban plan excerpt, i.e. with the Act on Urban Conditions which stipulates general, i.e. both general and specific sanitary conditions and provides sanitary approval of the conceptual design for:

1) Health care facilities;

2) Facilities intended for the production of foodstuff by means of industrial plants and equipment.

A sanitary inspector ensures that the facilities from Sections 1 and 2 of this Article are constructed or reconstructed in accordance with sanitary conditions presented in the conceptual design approved by sanitary inspection, and thus provides a sanitary approval of the use of a facility.



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Health inspection performs surveillance over the implementation of laws and other regulations and general acts, as well as over the implementation of prescribed measures in the field of health care, which refer to the following:

1) Compliance of the organisation and operation of health facilities and other forms of health care services with the provisions of the Law on Health Care (hereinafter: the Law);

2) Provision of health care for the citizens in health care facilities, i.e. in other forms of health care services;

3) Enforcement of orders issued while performing surveillance over the professional work of health care workers and their co-workers;

The Administrative and Professional Service of the Pirot District has permanently employed eight staff members and they comprise the district chief, three civil servants and four general service employees.

The Administrative and Professional Service performs all those duties established by the law for the purposes of the district chief and the six ministries with thirty nine republic inspectors on the territory of the Pirot District.



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