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– the Labour Relations Act (the Labour Law);

– the Law on General Administrative Procedure;

– Criminal Law;

– the Law on Misdemeanours;

– the Law on State Administration;

– the Law on Safety and Health at Work;

– the Law on Protection of the Population from Exposure to Tobacco Smoke

Labour inspection for the safety and health at work performs inspection supervision over the implementation of the Law on Safety and Health at Work, of other regulations regarding the measures and standards of safety and health at work, of technical measures relating to safety and health at work, and of company acts and collective agreements.

Likewise, labour inspection performs supervision in the field of commerce, hospitality industry, tourism, legal and personal services, financial, technical and business services, education, science and information, health and social care, residential and communal services, as well as in the field of ascertaining the fulfilment of required conditions of safety and health at work. In performing inspection supervision, labour inspection controls the implementation of prescribed measures, i.e. of the general bylaws.

Furthermore, labour inspection performs supervision of special regulations in the field of construction, agriculture and forestry, textile and leather industry, metal industry, metallurgy, chemical industry and transportation. In their work, labour inspection apply the provisions of the Law on State Administration, the Law on General Administrative Procedure, the Law on Misdemeanours, as well as the Criminal Law.