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1.  In what way is it possible to lease and use agricultural land in state ownership? 

Answer: Agricultural land in state ownership shall be leased to interested parties (natural and legal entities) according to the programme of protection, development and use of agricultural land, for a particular year established by the municipality (Pirot, Dimitrovgrad…).

2. What is the amount of compensation required for agricultural land use-change?  

Answer: When arable land has changed its use and it is being used for non-agricultural purposes the investor compensates for agricultural land use-change. The amount is established by the authorised body of the local government.

3. Which conditions need to be met to start a business?

Answer: Depending on the type of business and the size of the facility, clients are presented with the necessary information. 

4. How to solve a problem of keeping domestic animals on private property? 

Answer: Parties are informed that the authorised municipal communal inspection is in charge of this particular issue 

5. To whom can I report my employer who fails to pay the employees´ health and pension insurance?

Answer: The violation of one´s rights in the area of labour relations parties can report in written form at the registry office of the Pirot District, on weekdays from 07.00 to 15.00. Likewise, to obtain further information regarding labour relations one can refer to the Department of Labour Inspection in Pirot. 

6. I have not received a fiscal receipt at a restaurant. To whom can I turn? 

Answer: Catering and hospitality facilities are the responsibility of the Tourist Inspection of the Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Telecommunications. A request can be filed personally or via mail at the registry office of the Pirot District. For not receiving a fiscal receipt one can also turn to the tax office.