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Organised by the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Centre, a web presentation on forest fires was held on April 27th 2016 in the Pirot District hall. The seminar was opened by the director of the International Civil Defence Organisation who expressed his wishes for successful work and hopes that suchlike seminars would prove to be productive, bearing in mind that this one was provisional and for the first time held in this fashion, in spite of the interference pertaining to communication. The aim of the seminar via video link was primarily the exchange of experience among the participants regarding forest fires, as well as the work on preventive actions in order to avoid them. The presentation dealt with the following issues:

1. Organising the process of activity planning for the period which carries the risk of forest fires;

2. Forming rational organisations (groups) and providing the means for extinguishing forest fires in the Russian Federation;

3.Discussing the fire fighting tactics in the event of forest fires;

4.Presenting forecasting methods and estimating the means and forces necessary to eliminate the risk of forest fires.

The participants of the seminar: Moscow, Republika Srpska, the Republic of Macedonia, the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the cities of Belgrade, Šabac, Zrenjanin, Sombor, Niš and Pirot.



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