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Dragana Tončić, B.Ec, heretofore an employee of the Tigar AD company and presently the new chief of the Pirot District, has taken over duties from the former chief Dimitrije Vidanović, who had resigned from office for personal reasons. In her first official address to the press Dragana Tončić, a member of the Serbian Progressive Party, indicated that she would strive to perform this important duty to the best of her abilities. “First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on International Women´s Day – the 8th of March. It is with pleasure that I have accepted the position of the District Chief. I shall aspire to act as a bond between the local government and the State in the best interest of the citizens of the Pirot District. I do hope that, as well as the previous chiefs of the Pirot District, I too shall be able to establish good relations with regional units, as well as with professional and inspection services of the District. I shall make effort, as an employee of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, to implement the goals of our administration in the best interest of the citizens of the Pirot District”, the District Chief Tončić indicated.


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